food beverageThe food and beverage service department is an integral place in any hotel which is responsible for the systematic and the actual service of food and beverage to the general public or customers as per the order in any F &B outlets. This department plays a vital role on the delivering the accurate service of food and beverage by placing the orders from the hot or cold plates of kitchen to the customers table in the proper and the hospitality manner.

This department in any hotel plays a vital role in the profitable process of the hotel business. Among the total revenue collected in the hotel, about 40% contribution is directly accredited to F & B Service department. This department is specialized by its output of the products that satisfies customers demand for food and beverage. For the proper control and the effective management of the total staffs and their duties, this department is divided into different units or sections which are also called as an outlet. Each outlet is specialized for the special functions. For the systematic and a good service process of any F & B outlet, presentation, time keeping, order taking and the suggestive selling are the key element of a service to be maintained by service staffs.