house keepingHouse-keeping is one of the largest departments of the hotel, which is responsible for creating cleanliness, maintenance and safe environment. By providing the maximum comforts to the guest, it maintains the standard of the hotels which contributes the hotels in achieving maximum profit by selling the rooms. It is also regarded as the eye and ear of the management from where the main revenue income is generated. The house keeping department in hotel is responsible for crating a “Home away from Home” environment for a guest. The facilities provided by housekeeping department turn an ordinary hotel to a tourist establishment.

Among the various revenues, the sales of rooms constitute a minimum of 50%. The housekeeping department creates the facilities and service in the rooms and that are what a tourist hotel is selling. Housekeeping department deals with providing cleanliness, comfort and aesthetic value of any place in a hotel, hospitals, an officer or the guesthouse. The primary function of this department is the cleaning of the guest rooms, corridors, and public areas in a hotel to ensure that the standard of the hotel is maintained. This unit also does décor and design, room layout, selecting proper linen, curtains, carpets, flower arrangement etc.